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MUDDY FEET® introduces innovative ways of working with neurodiversity in the outdoors. These courses are designed for anyone working with people who are neurodiverse or who have additional learning and mental health needs.

Our setting-based courses have been designed for professionals wanting to gain an understanding of behaviour management derived from research and practice. Perfect for those wanting to develop their knowledge in mainstream settings, and those working in alternative settings. This course looks beyond the traditional learning environment to help participants understand how to better work with behaviours that challenge and positively influence learning and development.

Really enjoyed the sessions with you, I think you have a wealth of knowledge and you were inspirational. Kelly, L3 learning suport for children and young people with additional learning needs,  Student 2020

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Level 3 Award in learning support for children and young people with additional learning  needs

This course is a Nationally Recognised Level 3 Qualification, worth 15 credits. It is suitable for those who work with children or young people with autism, mental health issues and behavioural needs. This is an exciting and innovative 4-day course that combines up to date research and practical experience. This course provides key skills for educators, social and youth workers, community workers, forest school leaders, scout leaders and guide leaders.

The course uses your existing outdoor skills and provides a toolkit of new skills for you to effectively engage a range of client groups in any outdoor setting. It is suitable for those who work with children or young people with neurodiverse needs such as Autism, ADH, dyslexia, dyspraxia, mental health needs, anxiety, depression, trauma and complex behavioural needs in the outdoors.

The course involves four days of in-person training and covers areas such as:

  • Supporting a wide range of neurodiversity, mental health and behavioural needs outdoors;
  • The professional level of policies and procedures you need to run an alternative provision outdoors;
  • Risk assessments for using outdoors with additional needs 
  • Explores positive and practical approaches and activities for effective outdoor learning and development.

Key results from using this approach include increased communication skills, social skills, teamwork, improved attendance and engagement along with increased confidence and ability to work in groups

This is an OCN L3 Award (QCF) accredited by Agored Cymru.  This course is assessed through a portfolio. This course normally takes 9 - 12 months to complete.

This course is 15 Credits and covers these units;

  • Supporting the Learning of Children and Young People who have Mental Health Needs or Neurodiversity
  • Positive approaches to understanding and reducing behaviours that challenge
  • Supporting Learning - Professional Conduct
  • Communicating with children and young people who have Additional Learning Needs to enhance their learning
  • Health and safety requirements
  • Safeguarding and Child protection requirements

Entry requirements

  • 19 + years old
  • Level 2 Qualification or equivalent
  • Experience of working with the client group or outdoors
  • Cost £699 accredited 

MUDDY FEET® Course Dates


Level 3 Award in learning support for children and young people with additional learning  needs













Dates: 15, 16, 19, 20 July 2021

Location: Hill End Outdoor Education Centre, Oxford

Trainers: Alex Williams and Vicki Stewart 

Booking: contact for invoice and or book online

Cost £699 accredited


Level 3 Award in learning support for children and young people with additional learning  needs













Dates : 3, 6,10, 13 December 2021

Location: Howe Park Education Centre , Milton Keynes

Trainers: Alex Williams and Vicki Stewart 

Booking: contact for invoice 

Cost £699 accredited


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