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Get inspired to teach outdoors, are you ready to take your teaching outdoors and use the space you have?

Here are MUDDY FEET® top tips to prepare for Outdoor Learning.

Be prepared

It's important you have all your kit in tip-top condition you don’t want to get outdoors and be let down by equipment being broken or missing.So check over your kit, sharpen tools, make repairs, and stock check. Is there anything missing do you need to replace anything? Are your waterproofs and boots all clean with no holes, no one wants a surprise leak in a downpour!

Have an idea of what you are going to be doing

So if it’s a detailed lesson plan on delivering literacy outdoors with curriculum links or a themed plan of forest school learning opportunities, its important you know what you might need and when.

Check your risk assessments are up to date

Cover all the activities you are doing, read through and check they are still relevant and re-assess risks and controls.

Check your site!

You might not have been onsite for a few weeks and new hazards might have arisen, especially if your site is open to the public. Is there litter? How is the tree health? Is your log circle still in place?


Communicate any new issues or plans to key support staff working with you. It's important to communicate all your plans and approaches how to model behavior outdoors. Review your emergency plan is it still relevant? Make sure your senior management team are aware of when you are going out and what you aim to achieve, how will this be fed back to the wider organisation, school and parents.

Prepare for the weather conditions

Keep an eye on the forecast and plan in activities to use the weather effectively for learning and building resilience. Don’t be frightened of bad weather just be prepared with the correct kit.

Review your First Aid kit

Check its up to date, replace missing items is the kit ready to go out with you?

Research new activities and funding streams

Think about the resources you have on site and how these can be used for effective and fun learning. There are loads of useful books and websites that can spark and fund new ideas.

Be positive

Remember the benefits to learning outdoors and forest school its inspirational fun learning and learning that sticks. Even if you are full of cold and are having a bad day the way you model behaviour outdoors counts! Especially for those who are less keen or have less experience of outdoor learning and forest school.

Remember its about a long term benefit

One outdoor session might be fun and show some development but really you aim to change how learning is delivered long term, empower and inspire those students make it an immersive and fun experience.

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MUDDY FEET® tips for teaching outdoors