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Muddy Feet ® is working in partnership with Cherwell District Council as part of the Community Nature Plan 2020 -2022 'A natural environment for people and wildlife'.

The Community Nature Plan sets out how Cherwell District Council will contribute towards looking after the natural environment, for wildlife and people. Cherwell District Council include within the plan a vison " to  work with partners to protect and enhance Cherwell's natural environment for its intrinsic value; the services it provides; the health and wellbeing of people; its contribution to climate change adaptation and resilience; the economic prosperity that it brings'" 

Cherwell District Council recognise the multiple benefits of the natural environment and these are reflected in the Councils strategic priorities.

These include;

  • Leading on Environmental Sustainability
  • An enterprising economay with strong and vibrant local centres
  • Healthy resilient and engaged communities. 

Muddy Feet ® works in close partnership with Cherwell District Council to develop community value projects including health and wellbeing. Muddy Feet ® delivers initiatives that encourage involvement with the natural environment and to improve public understanding of, and connection to nature. 

You can find out more about Cherwell Districts Council's Community Nature Plan here



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Muddy Feet® working with Cherwell District Council