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04 Jul

MUDDY FEET® Rainforest Seedlings planted by Philippine communities

Here at MUDDY FEET®, we were delighted to receive an update on our sponsored rainforest seedlings.  The Haribon Foundation supports local Filipino communities to plant the native rainforest saplings on their first planting event of the season on July 3rd 2021. These communities will continue to monitor these seedlings for three years to ensure their success. With Climate Change and the biodiversity crisis high on both the news and political agenda, with the COP26 summit, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. We thank the community groups and Haribon for such a successful planting event and we look forward to more updates in the future.

HARIBON’s Forests for Life Movement is an environmental conservation movement of informed and engaged people. It supports an adaptive capacity of communities and increases the resilience of natural ecosystems to climate change and optimises mitigation opportunities towards sustainable development. It uses Rainforestation technology, where it restores the natural Philippine rainforest ecosystem by using native trees commonly grown in the area. Restoration areas are selected in consultation with various government agencies such as the DENR, LGUs and other agencies. Hand-in-hand with the site selection is the community partner selection.



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