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Muddy Feet has teamed up with Teach Outdoors to create a Life Skills Toolkit.

We have used our experience and knowledge to develop a toolkit with 20 outdoor activities, which provide the opportunity for children to learn the importance of specific life skills and how to successfully use them in learning and life.

The tool kit is aimed at primary aged children and the activities can be delivered on a playground or a field.  Regularly revisiting some of the activities encourages children to think about the skills set they used previously and reflect on how to improve and develop those skills.  The skills can be referred to in the classroom too, such as thinking about the communications skills they might need during group work and what makes them an effective communicator. Included in the tool kit is a Life Skills Table, which identifies the main skills and breaks them down into individual ‘I can statements’ for specific skills.

The toolkit also includes an activity overview, which identifies the skills covered in each activity. This allows adults to identify activities that focus on the specific skills a group of children may need to develop.

Each activity is formatted in a clear and easy to read activity plan.  Each activity plan identifies the focus skills, time and resources required, the activity outline, role of the adult and extensions to develop the skills.

If you are looking for a life skills framework with outdoor activities for groups of children to develop their communication, thinking, social, research, independence, moral, social and cultural development then this is the toolkit for you!

When you have gone through the payment process you will be able to see the download link.

Tickets: £8.00

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