Nature Connected Communities

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Research tells us there is no wellbeing without nature's wellbeing. MUDDY FEET® enables communities to effectively connect with nature. We believe nature connection is vital for the health of our communities and our planet. We work directly with communities and professionals to create connected and sustainable communities. 

MUDDY FEET® specialises in community development and participation and has developed a number of different consultation and inclusion techniques drawn from a career of community-led projects in local open spaces. Muddy Feet has 20 years of experience working with local communities to develop local outdoor space including parks, playgrounds, and art projects. We have designed and delivered a range of participatory training courses and training materials for adults, young people and children.

MUDDY FEET® involves local people in the debate over the future of their local area, helping them to make informed decisions on plans and proposed developments.  We have worked with local authorities, developers and housing providers to offer a forum where meaningful and effective consultation can take place.


Wild Wellbeing

This innovative one day course is for practitioners setting up community wellbeing projects. An exciting opportunity to use local wild space to deliver wellbeing outcomes. 

In this course, you will learn about

  • Theories that promote the use of outdoor space to develop a sense of wellbeing.
  • 5 steps to wellbeing and how these relate to nature connection activities.
  • Practical considerations for delivering wellbeing projects outdoors.
  • Experience and learn about practical outdoor activities that help promote wellbeing.

Cost and booking please contact us. 


Setting up a nature connection project     ***COMINg Soon***

This course is aimed at practitioners who are working with communities to establish nature connection projects in urban or rural areas. We take you through all the aspects of developing and facilitating a project managing its impact and sustainability. This fully supportive course enables you to develop your skills and reflective practice. The course covers:

  • Benefits of nature connection.
  • Considerations for getting started.
  • Finding and using a site.
  • Practical considerations
  • Inclusion, diversity and equality
  • Nature-based facilitation skills
  • Natural Resource Management and Sustainability
  • Risk Management
  • Tools and techniques for engagement, wellbeing

Add on unit 'planning for nature connection' for Landscape designers.


Learning for Community environmental projects 

Designed for resident or community members who wish to deliver community learning through the delivery of environmental improvement projects. Designed as a step by step approach to empower communities to make their own decisions and develop local environmental projects. This fantastically flexible modularised support package ensures to build capacity throughout your project process. 

We are here to help you through the steps including:

  • Developing a project idea
  • Project planning
  • Developing a group
  • Funding
  • Health and Safety
  • Involving others
  • Designing your space
  • Completing your project 
  • Events

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Developing a relationship with nature  community programmes

Using the pathways to nature connectedness we help communities develop pro-conservation and pro-social behaviour change.  Muddy Feet develops projects based on research to improve relationships with nature. We use the nature connection pathways of senses, emotion, beauty, meaning and compassion. Projects have included: 

  • Engaging young people in nature to develop social, emotional skills and pro-social behaviour 
  • Working with family groups through nature play to reduce social isolation and the development of positive family relationships.

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Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Muddy Feet offer a range of creative opportunities for community and stakeholder engagement using a range of exciting engaging and empowering methods. We offer expert facilitation to enable you to have the opportunity to get actively involved in one-off events or a more in-depth engagement and consultation strategy.

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