Nature Connection

At Muddy Feet ® nature connection runs through everything we do. If fact we develop nature connection programmes and training based on the science and research of nature connection.  We ensure that we INSPIRE , EDUCATE, ENGAGE by connecting with nature.

We know that there is no wellbeing without natures wellbeing, humans are a part of nature and need it for our own happiness and wellbeing.

We base our programme development on the 5 ways to nature connection and ensure that all programmes have experienced and qualified professionals working on them. We are lucky to work with partners who understand our excitement and passion for nature connection.

We also ensure that we work towards understanding the impacts of our nature connection activities and the sustainability of activities, we actively work to ensure natural resource management is considered in all programmes.

We ensure where ever possible that natural sustainable resources are used within our programmes. We can assist and create communities around nature connection in rural and urban environments.

We deliver

Contact us to find out more about why we are so passionate about nature connection and how Muddy Feet ® can work together with you.