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05 Mar

MUDDY FEET® Award Winning Forest School

Just before Christmas, we discovered we has won a national Woodlands Award for Best Forest School.  We were absolutely thrilled to be nominated by families whose children attend the forest school. We were delighted that families took the time to nominate us and write such enthusiastic recommendations, so huge thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate us.

We are so pleased that families value our nature-based approach and can see how many benefits and skills their children get from attending the sessions. This is a brilliant reflection of how hard our specially trained leaders work to provide an authentic experience for the children and enable the children to develop their own interests and skills within the sessions.

The Woodlands Awards were also featured in the Living Woods magazine.

Here are the nominations for Muddy Feet

“Muddy Feet is a truly fantastic forest school, filled with adventures, discovery and fearlessness.” “Muddy Feet is the best forest school EVER!!”

“I go with my three-year-old, and every single week they blow my mind with the creativity they put in – from snail races to fishing in the stream, clay from the riverbed to making nests. The leaders are truly inspirational, not just for the kids but for the parents too. I have learnt so much from Alex, Jo and the team about how to bring nature into everything we do at home, and my little girl is no longer scared of bugs but bold, inquisitive and adventurous. Parents just get involved, stomping through the streams, collecting leaves and feathers, and just properly looking at the world and opportunities for play that are everywhere. It’s absolutely priceless.”

“My kids have joined Alex Williams and her team in every season in every type of weather for years and always come home buzzing (and muddy)!! They are allowed to be children and play in nature away from technology in mixed-age groups where they learn about teamwork, leadership and resilience. The freedom to create and decide how and what to do each day is incredibly liberating. Being able to have your lunch at 10 am if you want is apparently amazing. They have learnt so much about nature and are given levels of responsibility that develops their confidence every time they go. They have learnt to use tools and manage the fire and earnt the badges in recognition.”

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